Sunday, July 7

Royal Throne

Penelope is obsessed with her high chair.  She loves sitting up high, like a big girl.  She is now eating three solid meals a day.  Rice cereal for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, and a vegetable/meat for dinner.  I am so happy she likes her baby food.  Her favorites are pears, mac and cheese, and mixed vegetable.  You have to be quick when taking on the task to feed her.  She will turn her head every which way and likes to bang her head back and forth.  I laugh without fail, every time I feed her.  She also thinks it's funny to spit her food out.  I fed her carrots the other day and she covered not only me, but the highchair, her onsie, and her bib.  

She is learning how to pick up food and feed herself.  Yogurt melts are her favorite.  She also likes the vanilla rice puffs.  She seriously could sit in her highchair and eat all day, if I would let her. 

 ^^^ Love me some pudgy baby hands.^^^

GiGi is going to be one happy pup, once she figures out she can eat all of Nellie's leftovers. 
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