Monday, July 8

Diaper Bag Must Haves

I never realized how difficult it was to keep my diaper bag stocked.  It has all been trial and error for me.  I have learned it is easiest to pack my diaper bag in the evening.  It makes my mornings run a lot smoother.  I also have a tote in the back of my car, that I like to keep full of baby essentials, in case of an emergency.  You would be surprised how much it has come in handy.  
Diaper Bag

1.  Now I don't own this diaper bag, but you better believe I am saving my pretty pennies for the next time around.  This bag opens up entirely.  It makes it easy to find, what you are looking for.

2.  These are my favorite baby blankets.  They are super soft and very breathable.  We live in a very hot climate and these work perfectly.  I also use them as a nursing cover, when I have forgotten mine, which is more often than not.

3.  This is by far Nellie's favorite toy.  This toy never gets old.  Nellie lights up every time I squeak her giraffe.  It is also perfect for teething.

4.  My mom gave this toy to Nellie for Christmas and I can't thank her enough.  It rattles when you shake it and is perfectly squishy.  It has tons of holes and makes it easy for her to grab onto.  It also serves as perfect entertainment for car rides.

5.  I try to always have an extra change of clothes in my diaper bag.  My little one is known for blowouts.  These are my favorite children's clothes.  If I could, I would buy the entire summer line. 

6.  Nellie has just started eating these.  She is obsessed with them.  I tried them for myself and am equally addicted.  They keep her occupied and are the perfect little snack.

7.  I am a germaphobe.  This wipes are pure genius.  If one of Nellie's bink's or toy's hits the ground, I simply pick it up and wipe it up with one of these wipes.  They also smell good and work to wipe off her hands after eating her snacks.

8.  I love that these double as a bib.  Nellie still spits up, every once in awhile.  These absorb all of that good stuff.

9.  These wipes are the cheapest and I have found they work the best.  I go through wipes like crazy.  Thank goodness for Costco!  

10.  Extra binkies are a must.  They are like socks, they disappear and I never know where they all go.  These are Nellie's favorite brand.  She will take any, but these are her sweet indulgence. 


What do you fill your diaper bag with?

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