Tuesday, August 13

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

As five o'clock rolls around, we all get a little anxious.  We know that Tyson is only moments away, from pulling into the garage.  Immediately after hearing the garage door rise, Gigi prances to the door and eagerly awaits for Tyson to walk through the door.  Her tail doesn't stop wagging, as she squeals with excitement.  Penelope hears his voice and instantaneously smiles from ear to ear.  It's like our house turns four shades brighter, with him inside.

Tyson always makes sure to give me a smooch, as soon as he gets home.  I am usually moments away from losing it, but as soon as I see that grin, I instantly feel relief.  He makes everything better.  He picks Penelope up and squeezes her tight to him.  Oh how I love to see the two of them together.

 Having that handsome man of mine walk through the door every day, never gets old.  I am so grateful for all he does for our family.  He works day in and day out and never once complains.  He goes about life with a smile on his face and a positive attitude.  He helps me turn any negative situation into a positive one, doing so without even trying.  I admire the man that he is and adore the way he takes care of our daughter.  He blesses our lives in more ways than I can count, giving all that he has, 100% of the time.  

My cup runneth over!
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