Friday, August 2

Newport Beach: Part Three

Pardon the influx of beach photos, I just cannot help myself.  I am having so much fun capturing the little moments of our family vacation.

My niece Brielle wanted to put Penelope into the laundry basket and push her around.  It brought me back to my childhood.  I used to push my little brother around all day.  My brothers were a little more rough, pushing each other down the stairs in the laundry basket.  Don't worry duct tape and pillows were attached for safety precautions.

^^^This laundry basket has sure come in handy this trip.^^^

Each year the Parker side of the family gets together for dessert and games.  The boys enjoyed some volleyball, while the girls watched the kiddos and played in the sand.

^^^Babies and ruffles get me every time.^^^

^^^I love how the beach brings out the kid in everyone.^^^

^^^Tyson's cousin Katie and her husband Jake are staying in our house with us this year.  It has been fun to have them with us.^^^

We went to dinner at Javier's and filled our belly's of guacamole and thee best steak fajitas I have ever had.  Following dinner we wandered around the Irvine Spectrum.  

^^^We go here every year and have yet to go on the ferris wheel.^^^

Penelope continues to be the happiest baby, despite having interrupted sleep.  Everyone warned me last year, that this year would not be the same as the last.  They said having kids changes things.  I have to say, this year has been my absolute favorite and most memorable.  I have loved sharing all of our fun traditions with our baby girl.  Next year might be a different story, with a toddler running all around.  For now we are soaking up every minute with our sweet angel.

It is probably a good things Fresno doesn't have a Nordstrom.... We have found ourselves there more than once this trip.
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