Saturday, August 3

Newport Adieu

Our Newport vacation has finally come to an end.  It never seems to last quite long enough.  Every year I love our Newport trip more and more.  

Some highlights from this year....

Listening to Uncle Craig play the guitar, by the bonfire.
Eating Pinkberry more than once.
Piecing away a box full of Sprinkles cupcakes.
Finally figuring out how to boogie board.
Watching Penelope discover sand for the first time.
Having my sister come down and spend time with me.
Grabbing lunch at the Crab Cooker.
Zumba dancing in the alley way and watching the expressions on strangers faces.
Family bike ride to Balboa Fun Zone.
Shopping all day with my sister girl.
Staying up way too late, watching movies every night, all while eating popcorn.
Cafe Rio lunch runs.
Enjoying Sunday Coffee Cake from Grandma Betty and boxes of See's Chocolate.
Snapping photos of all of our favorite moments.
Hearing Penelope giggle at me while I choked on popcorn.

All in all it was a very memorable and much needed holiday!  The quality time spent with family was superb.  Tyson's parents are always extraordinarily generous and provide so much for us.  They make this trip possible every year and we could't thank them enough.

Newport 2013 from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.

Let the countdown for next year begin!
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  1. love your cute update and trip review! any recommendation for coffee/lunch/dinner in newport/balboa?! we are headed there for a wedding in a few weeks and i would love any reviews and recommendations you might have:)
    happy sunday!

    1. Thank you! We are pretty basic when we get down there. We eat a lot of meals at home. My favorite spots when we do go out are Cafe Rio for lunch (pork salad), TK Burger, Crab Cooker (if you love sea food), Houston's (dinner). I have never eaten a meal on balboa, but you have to get a balboa bar of a frozen banana. They have great doughnuts all over around the pier. Let me know if you find any other favorites:) Have so much fun at the wedding!