Tuesday, August 20

Opposites Do Attract

photo credit: Sunnydays Photography


he saves our money
i spend our money

he is an optimist
i am a realist

he drinks water
i prefer diet coke

he is an early bird
i like to sleep in

he talks slow
i talk fast

he is tall
i am a short

he enjoys the movies
i love a good book

he has a passion for sports/basketball
i am passionate about dance

he is laid back
i am a perfectionist

he enjoys the beach
i enjoy the mountains

he is quite
i am loud

he is mellow
i am feisty

he is a planner
i am spontaneous

he is good with numbers
i am good with letters

he listens to r&b and hip-hop
i listen to alternative & country

he likes the sun
i like the rain

he is very patient
i am impatient

he likes milk chocolate
i like dark chocolate

he is cautious
i am adventurous

he clips his nails
i bite mine

he is good at brushing things off
i internalize everything

he enjoys summer
i enjoy winter

he loves steak
i prefer seafood


somehow it is the perfect combination!  

he is the calm after the storm, the bread to my butter and truly my better half.

together we made a sweet yet sassy little girl, whom we couldn't adore more!
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  1. I loved this! My husband and I are the same way! :D How cute! I might steal this haha