Saturday, August 3

Now Walk It Out

We made one last pit stop, before heading back to our home sweet home.  We couldn't leave Southern California without spending one last night at my sisters.  Her apartment is turning into our new vacation home.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I am beyond jealous of where my sister lives.  San Clemente has captured a little piece of my heart.  I enjoy everything about this town,  but mostly the perfect weather and the small town vibe.  I may even think twice about trading in my dreams of moving back to Utah, to live here.

We lounged around all morning and decided it was time to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  There is the most perfect trial, that runs parallel to the ocean.  I feel like I would be in the most impeccable shape of my life, if I moved down here.  Working out just doesn't feel like working out, when you have gorgeous scenery surrounding you.  It also doesn't hurt that the dogs are in heaven.  

^^^Cider's head poking out the window.  I felt bad we didn't have GiGi with us.^^^

^^^What I would give to be able to work out with my sister every day.^^^

^^^I have a thing for Palm Trees.^^^

^^^I felt like I was in the filming of a Baywatch episode.^^^

^^^The flowers were ridiculous.^^^

^^^Nothing beats all natural white noise.^^^

Tyson and Kiersten chose Mexican for dinner....  I was not a fan.  The chicken in my fajitas was atrocious.  They really enjoyed there burritos.  I guess a little give and take and some Coca-Cola Classic isn't too bad.

I love my sister girl so much.  I truly appreciate all that she does for me, even when she doesn't even realize it.  I can call her at any given moment and she will be there for me.  She is stronger than me in so many ways.  When I need strength, I look to her.  She gives great advice and helps me let go of the little things.  I live life a little more fully because of her.  Thank you Kiersten for being my example.  I love you!!!!

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  1. My husbands family has a reunion in San Clemente every summer. We LOVE San Celemente! One of the best beaches out there!

  2. Sista girl I just love you so much and am so thankful you're my sister. You're welcome anytime at mi casa. love you.