Saturday, March 9

4 months

Dear Penelope,

Today you are four months old.   Who would have ever thought that I could love you more, than the day you were born.  It's true, my heart continues to grow with more and more love for you.  You melt my heart on a constant basis. 

You make the silliest noises lately.  You growl like you are tiger.  I have never heard such a thing.  Your hair is really starting to sprout.  It is coming in black and I love that.  You still have that thick patch on the back of your head, that your uncle Tate likes to call your round about.  All of that fuzz on your arms and back that you came out with, has almost all disappeared.  We were worried for a minute that we were going to have a little monkey on our hands.  Looking at yourself in the mirror is one of your favorite things.  You shake your hips and smile.  Bath time is still your favorite time of day.  I can't wait to get you in the pool here soon.  Having lotion rubbed all over your body brings a smile to your face.  We have switched to Burt's Bees because that other stuff was starting to dry out your skin.  I love the way it makes you smell and that soft baby skin, oh how I could kiss it all day long.  Speaking of kisses, you give the biggest open mouthed kisses.  You have fallen in love with your Sophie the giraffe and your soft bunny that grandma Betty gave you.  Anything you can get your hands on you put in your mouth.  It is absolutely adorable.  You go to bed like a angel, the second I lay you down you don't make a sound.  However, you did have one melt down while mommy was away at dinner, with her friends.  Daddy got a taste of the fussy Penelope. 

You really are such a good baby.  Mommy knows what each cry means and you rarely cry at that.  Blowing bubbles and drooling are a new thing for you this month.  I love hearing the sounds that come out of your mouth as you do so.  Grandpa brought over a jumper for you to try out and you seem to have taken to it well.  You still prefer your mamaroo over anything else though.  

We Skype with grandma Brown and your aunts often.  You love looking at their faces and hearing them talk.  You have become so aware of your surrounds, almost too aware.  When I am nursing you, you have a slight case of ADD.  You hear one sound and you unlatch.  You want to watch the tv or smile at me instead of eat.  It's hard not to get frustrated but nursing has been hard for you, since the day you were born.  You wouldn't be able to tell by those cheeks of yours.  

(As you can tell this month was a little more difficult than the others to get a photo.  Penelope couldn't keep her bunny away from her mouth)

Thank you for being such a sweet baby and letting me hang out with you all day.  I wouldn't trade it for  the world.  We love you little miss.


Mama and Papa


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