Tuesday, March 26

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Freshly Picked is having their biggest give away yet and by biggest giveaway yet, I mean I can't sleep and am blogging in the early AM, for a chance to win!

I come from a sentimental family.  I grew up looking through my moms cedar chest that her dad had made her.  Her chest was filled with not only her treasured items from her childhood, but mine and my brother's and sister's clothes.  I was so excited for the moment when my mom passed down those items to me.

Now that I have my own little one, it has been important to me to select sentimental items for her.  These will be the items I hope she holds onto and cherishes for years to come.  So much so, that she hands them down to her children.

This past Christmas I came across the most darling and perfect pair of moccasins I have ever seen.  I being half Navajo have had a huge space in my heart for traditional items.  I lost my dad over seven years ago.  He was born on the indian reservation.  He and his siblings would dance to raise money for their family.  My grandmother would hand weave rugs on her loom and my uncles would make jewlery.  This was their livelihood.  They were the first of hand crafted items in our family.

My dad bought each one of us children one of my grandmothers rugs.  I could't wait for the day to graduate college so that I could pick out my rug.  He also bought me my very own turquoise bracelet that my uncle made me.  I grew up wearing and loving that bracelet.  We went back to the reservation and got Penelope her very own.  I knew that she needed a pair of moccasins to match.  I ordered her a pair for her first Christmas and was giddy with excitement everyday until they came in the mail.  I am still giddy every time I put them on her.

These moccs are not just any ordinary pair of moccasins.  They have the most unique look to them.  They are perfect in every detail, from their look and cut of front fringe, as well as fringe around the collar.  They are so comfortable on those chubby baby feet and fit snug.  They come in an array of ravishing colors that adorn any outfit.  They look adorable on both girls and boys.  They come in the most fantastic and most genuine of leather.  I always have people complimenting Penelope's.  They make the perfect shower gift and brighten so many people's days.

I hope that Penelope will always remember her grandfather and where her strong roots come from.  I hope she will pass down her bracelet, my rug, and her moccs to her children.  Go get your loved ones a pair today!  I promise though, you won't be able to stop with just one pair.  I am hooked for life.

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