Wednesday, March 20


I love unique artwork.  When I stumbled across Ashmae on etsy I about fell over.  I immediately ordered this Draper temple watercolor.  I wanted a picture of the temple Tyson and I got married in, to hang on our wall.  I love a good conversation piece.


Just recently she opened up her own website, where you can go online and purchase her prints.  I love that each print is affordable, yet amazing!  I seriously want to stock up for wedding gifts and shower gifts.  I just purchased the buffalo for Penelope's nursery and the flowers for my living room.

To make things even better, you can pre-ordered her first children's book, that will be fresh off the printer in June.  I can't wait to read it to Penelope and show her all of the beautiful artwork.

In the past she did family portraits.  I am crossing my fingers that she will do them again.  I would love to have my family painted!

I hope you enjoy her artwork as much as I do!

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