Tuesday, March 19

RandomNESS take #3

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to open up a bow shop.  I have an obsessive goal oriented disorder.  I learn something and I can't just be happy with the minimal.  My kitchen has been covered in elastic, felt, and fabric for the past month.  I have debated back and forth if it is worth the time and energy.  I started not being able to sleep, because my mind couldn't stop thinking.  Tyson even said I was sleep talking about elastic.  I decided to take a break and think if it something I would like to pursue.  In the mean time I am still wanting to open a spring boutique at my house to offer what I have made thus far.

Grandma Betty told me she has never worn a pair of sunglasses.  I had to let her put mine on.  She looked dashing.

I can't get over the size of this flower on P's head.

I ordered P some Salt Water sandals for her Easter outfit.  I about died when I saw how little and cute they were.  These happened to be my most favorite brand of shoes growing up.

Tyson and I finally made it to a night of sushi post pregnancy.  One of the rolls we ordered was literally the size of a burrito.  It kind of made me sick, however the Crunch roll made up for it.

My sister Kiersten has me addicted to Chobani Greek Yogurt and Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola.  I have it for breakfast most mornings.

I went to Target and purchased P a new wardrobe.  I swear she grew over night.  I bought her this particular romper and oh my heavens, the girls poor thighs.  The elastic was a bit tight for her rolls.

P had her 4 month check up.  The doctor said she looked perfect.

4 Month Stats

Weight: 14 3.5 oz 60%
Height: 23 3/4 inches 25%
Head Circumference: 16 inches 50%

She is a little peanut!

The weather has been beautiful lately.  We can finally sit outside and just enjoy the rays.

The Habit is opening in Clovis.  We enjoyed a free meal for the pre-opening.  Things taste that much better when they are FREE.

The PBR makes for a great date night.  We doubled with Tyson's sister and hubby.  We ate kettle corn and cotton candy until we were sick.

One of the bull riders passed out after being flung off.  I was so nervous.  They had to carry him away on a stretcher.  I still can't believe my brother Nick rides bulls for fun. 

GAP was having a killer sale.  I got myself some new pants and shirts.  It was time to get rid of those maternity jeans.  I have never been so happy.  Neon colors might be my new favorite thing.

Penelope is the best lunch date.  Panera is one of my favorite places to eat and oh my their cookies.  Go get one fast, you won't be disappointed!

Little lady had her CT scan this morning.  She did AMAZING!  I don't know where this girl came from.  She didn't cry, even after fasting for hours.  I was so happy to finally have this test over with.  We go in on Tuesday to find out the results.  

I am obsessed with these little pj's.

A few random things on my mind....

Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger hair line is amazing.  It makes my hair feel and smell wonderful.

Getting into a made bed is fantastic.  This rarely happens at our house.

Anthropologie Volcano candles are my favorite smell.  I need to go get a new one.

I want a house cleaner!

Lulu Lemon is coming to Clovis, say what?!?!

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