Monday, March 11

Bath Time

Scrub a dub dub,

Penelope loves the tub!

This little squish of mine, cannot get enough of her bath time.  
She loves to kick her little legs and flap her arms.  
She goes into a trance as soon as her body hits the warm water. 

She comes out smelling like lavender and buttermilk and sleeps like an angel afterwards.  

This is a major bonus for me.

I still take a bath everyday, I wonder if she will be the same.

1 comment:

  1. oh. my. she is too precious! nothing sweeter than a baby right after a bath with fresh smell and clean jammies. mmm.
    p.s. I LOVE baths too... I always take them when I go to my moms because sadly, in the almost 4 years we've been married--I've only had showers!!! tragedy.