Wednesday, March 13

GiGi's Turn

Our sweet Goldendoodle Gigi strongly dislikes the bath.  Somehow she knows when it is time.  We literally have to bribe her, to come out from under the bed.  Her tail immediately goes in between her legs and her heart starts racing.  It's pretty sad!

I thought since I documenting P in the bath, it was only fair for GiGi to have her time to shine.

Goldendoodles are notorious for looking silly when wet.  I will never forget the first time I gave GiGi a bath.  I wondered where my cute fluffy dog went.  I do love that her big black button nose get's accentuated, when in the tub.  

Oh the looks I get while she is in there.

The second I tell her to hop out, she immediately starts rolling around the floor.  It is quite comical, if you ask me.  She rolls and rolls until the entire floor is soaking wet. 

It is a process to get this girl clean and smelling good.



Towel dry

Blow dry



A little more than an hour later, VUALA our GiGi is back in action.

Little girl needs to be groomed for summer.  
Goodbye beautiful fur, it was nice knowing you.


GiGi has been better than we ever could have imagined with Penelope.  GiGi used to be our baby.  People always said, wait till you have Penelope, GiGi won't even stand a chance.  It has been an adjustment for all of us, but GiGi has handled it amazingly.  I do feel bad at times that she doesn't get all of our attention, but then I have to remember she still goes everywhere in the car with us, she goes out on walks with P and I, and she gets more treats than any other dog I know.  I hope Penelope and GiGi become best friends.  There is nothing like growing up with your childhood dog and the memories that are made.

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