Friday, March 8

One Test Down, One More To Go

I have been dreading the tests that Penelope has to get done to determine if she is going to have to have heart surgery.  At the same time, I have wanted to get them over with so the outcome could be determined.  My main scare for the test was the fasting aspect, I was so worried.  Last night Tyson gave Penelope a sweet blessing just before she went to bed.  I set my alarm to wake her up at 4:30 am so I could feed her one last time before the test.  She ate like a champ and went back to sleep.  We woke up and packed her into the car.  I figured she would be screaming and wanting to eat, so badly.  Much to my surprise, she was an angel.  Penelope didn't let out one peep.  She waiting patiently in the waiting room and watched cartoons.  Yes, my sweet baby loves the television already.

As soon as they called our names we were so excited, it was finally time to check one of the tests off the list.  We put P in the cutest little hospital gown and got her ready for the test.  They took one X-ray of her chest before the doctor came in.  He walked in wearing a clown nose and clown shoes.  It was pretty cute.  He monitored a screen as Penelope drank a powdery substance.  He observed the flow of the liquid through her esophagus. Penelope was a gem, as she inhaled the drink.  The test only took a couples of minutes.  Afterwards the doctor explained to us what he saw.  He said her results were not typical to that of LPA sling patient.  He went onto tell us she had a slight curvature in her esophagus, but nothing to be alarmed by.  He told us it was almost perfect.  What a relief those words were.  

She will go under general anesthesia next Tuesday for her CT scan, where they will see if their is a constriction of her trachea.   I cannot wait to have that one completed.  I know Penelope was watched over today.  She never ceases to amaze me, as well as the power of the priesthood. 

We were also able to visit Tyson's cousin Hannah, while we were at the hospital.  My heart goes out to other families that are staying in the hospital.  As I walked through those halls it brought back memories of Penelope being in the hospital with RSV.  I wanted to walk into every room and hug each one of those children and their parents.  I admire all the volunteers, doctors and nurses that give so freely of their time.  How blessed I feel to live so close to a great medical facility.

Judy's doughnuts followed the testing.  Can you tell I am an emotional eater?  In a couple more weeks we will hear the news.  It couldn't come soon enough.

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  1. Serioulsy, in that picture where you are holding Penelope I had to double take because I thought it was Jax. I'm so glad everything went well today. Love you sis.