Thursday, March 14

A Day At The Zoo

My cute friend Ashley invited me to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo the other day.  I really wanted to go but debated whether or not it would be worth it to take Penelope.  I knew it would be a lot of prep work and I didn't know how she would do taking a bottle.  I decided it was a go.  I was in a desperate need to get out of the house and feel the sun on my skin.

Who ever knew that packing for a day at the zoo would be so much work.  I didn't want to be that unprepared or unorganized mom.  I am usually missing something, if not everything out of my diaper bag when I need it most.

Burp clothes
Extra outfit
Hand Sanitizer
Water Bottle 

I had Tyson help me load the stroller into the car last night.  Since having Penelope I am late everywhere I go and wanted to somewhat be on time to the zoo.  I had the diaper bag packed and felt somewhat on top of things for once.

I had never been to the zoo in Fresno before so I was excited.  It ended up being the most beautiful day.  I felt like a kid all afternoon.  I loved seeing the animals as much as the kids.  Penelope was perfect the entire time.  

I was so happy I had my camera ready to snap this picture.  The girls and I were chatting not paying too much attention as to what was going on around us.  All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I see Caleb rolling down the pathway in a wagon.  It was hilarious.  He had even buckled himself in.  He didn't want to ride in the stroller, he wanted the wagon.

The monkey exhibit was awesome.  There were vines hanging everywhere and the monkeys were swinging back and forth on them. The baby monkeys weren't out today, but I am already anxious to go back to see them.

The only other zoo I have been to in the Hogle Zoo.  I couldn't believe the difference between the two.  I loved how close all of the animals were to us here.

This guy had dreads worse than Bob Marley.

I loved seeing the vibrant colors on all of the flamingo's.

I think the poor bear thought it was time to hibernate.

My favorite animal exhibit was Sea Lion Cove.

Penelope even enjoyed herself.  

It was so fun to meet new friends and see new things.  I love being a mom and times like these make it all worth it.  I can't wait to take Penelope back and bring Tyson along.

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