Tuesday, March 26

Heart Update

Tyson and I went in this morning for Penelope's follow up on her heart.  The test results were in and it was time to find out if our sweet girl was going to need heart surgery.  Tyson and I both went in feeling good and calm.  We knew that either way the outcome would be for the best.

The cardiologist came in and began with the good news.  Deep down I knew if he was going to start with the good news, the bad news would soon follow.  He said her esophagus looked good but the CT scan confirmed the need for surgery. 

I pressed my knee up against Tyson's and leaned on him for comfort.  We were told that she will need another test called a Bronchoscopy.  This will help determine the constriction on her airways.  That means she will have to go under General Anesthesia, yet again.  

Once the Bronchoscopy is complete they will schedule her surgery.  They said her LPA Sling was mild and that surgery was not urgent, but necessary.  She will most likely have it within this year.  We aren't sure of the recovery process yet or many other details, until we speak with the surgeon.  

I did ask if they are going to have to go through the front or if they could go through the back.  The cardiologist guessed they would have to go through the front.  I don't like that aspect.  On a positive note while she is so young she won't remember any of this and we live in the day and age where she can have the medical attention that she needs.

I love my sweet little girl and pray continually for her.  My love deepens for her on a daily basis.  I want more than anything to have this surgery for her, but I know that I can't.  I can however pray, fast, and rely on Christ and his infinite Atonement for healing.

(Tyson and GiGi photobomb)

I know everything will be okay in the end and we will all be stronger for this.

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  1. Oh goodness, those little baby rolls are just too much to handle! Adore ;)
    xo TJ