Sunday, March 24

The Goode's

It is crazy to think of all of the different people that come in and out of your life.  I believe each person comes into your life for a purpose.  

Meet the Goode's....

They moved to Fresno around the same time that we did.  Laura and I got to know each other well by working together at Dr. Powell's office.  Tyson and Scott became good friends while being home teaching companions.

They got us and we got them.  They share the same interest in the outdoors and good food.  I couldn't always count on Laura to understand me and how homesick I was.  We spent many weekends with them going out to eat, camping, going to the movies and laying by the pool.  There were many ugly sweater and Super Bowl parties, girls and boys nights out, birthdays and baby showers.

They are both originally from Utah and decided it was time for them to move back.  Scott missed the river and it is always nice being around family.

We are so excited for them and their new adventures.  They are building a new house and we couldn't be more happy for them.

We are going to miss them like crazy!

All of us threw them a going away party.  The boys grilled the most delicious tri-tip and chicken.  We sat around all night and enjoyed their company.

Jen was the perfect host!

As a going away gift we got them a framed picture of California, with a heart over Fresno, a book compiled with memories and pictures, as well as a road trip home goodie basket.  Many tears were shed as they gave their goodbyes. 

And of course, I had to snap of shot of Scott's Crocs.  He defiantly knows how to rock them.

I hate saying goodbye.  It is really hard for me to even write this.  They are truly like family to us.  I know they are going to bless many others in Utah.  Utah is lucky to have the Goode's back.  There will be a void here but I look forward to couple reunions to come.

We love you guys!!!!

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  1. Goodbyes are soooo sad:( This made me think of all the goodbyes we will be doing in 2 short years when we finish school, and I started to tear up!!! Change is always hard, but it ends up being for the best most of the time too!! That just means you will have to come out to UT more to visit them!!!