Tuesday, March 5

The Life of A Baby

Penelope is truly the light of my life.

I miss her when she naps.

My favorite thing lately is going into her room and getting her after she wakes up.

She grins from ear to ear and makes the most adorable sounds.

Recently we have let her try out the jumper.

She loves it and her little toes barley reach the floor.

We figured since she loves standing so much, when we hold her, it was time to bust out the big guns.

Don't mind the spit up.  We have a doodle that will take care of that.

Being able to stay home with Penelope every day has made my life so much more full.  I have come to love doing laundry, going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, and rocking my babe to sleep.

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  1. i'm guessing these pics are all with the new camera?? they look good!! :)