Thursday, March 7

Little Miss Sunshine

Starting tomorrow morning at 7:30am Penelope begins her first round of tests on her heart.  I luckily was able to change her appointments to the earliest ones they offer.  Hopefully, this will help with the fasting aspect.  I don't know what I am going to do when she starts crying because she is hungry.  It is my job to feed my baby when she hungry.  I think the hardest part is she doesn't know what is coming.  I feel that if I could talk with her and help her understand, it would make things a lot easier.  I know babies are resilient and she won't ever remember any of this, for that I am grateful.  

She will have her CT scan the following week, afterwards the cardiologists and surgeons will meet to determine if surgery is necessary.  I am praying a miracle will happen and I will be able to hear the words saying surgery is not needed.

Penelope is literally my ray of sunshine and I am so happy I get to be this special girls mom.

She is becoming more and more aware each and every day.  She is even starting to enjoy her play mat.  

She is my whole world.  

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