Monday, March 25

Pretty In Pink

Yesterday was the first Sunday Penelope and I have been back for all three hours of church, since her having RSV.  We kept her home to keep her well for the testing of her heart.  I was so excited to finally be able to take my little doll with me.  I dressed her in one of my mom's dresses from when she was a baby.  I wish they still made dresses like this today. 

I have to get as many pictures of her in as possible, while she will still let me.

We hit up the mothers lounge, in hopes it would be better than the last.  I have to say, it was a success.  

I seriously cannot wait for Easter Sunday.  Tyson will be speaking and I will be making sugar cookies for Tyson's Young Men, the Primary and for the Parker Easter morning brunch.  It will be so much fun to give Penelope's Easter basket to her.  Christmas was kind of a downer for us, seeing as P was sick.  We are hoping to make up for that this Easter.

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